“Drop” Takes Music Discovery/Promotion to an Entirely New Level

If you are a music artist looking for an innovative way to promote your music and easily share it with the large audience eagerly waiting to consume your music, then “Drop” is perfect. It’s not just easy promotion – but also a future of discovery! If you’re wondering what exactly Drop does or how it works, keep reading.

Powered by API Technology

“Drop” is a new and innovative digital music promotion platform that is powered by API technology. “Drop” gets promoting your music done in a very easy, effective, and innovative way. What they do is that they connect music artists with a global network of verified playlist curators. These curators all together have a reach of over ten million global listeners. This includes the most powerful new music platforms and tastemakers you can think of on the planet.

Zero, Zilch Bots

Drop” goes the extra mile to make sure that it protects the artists they work with by making sure they get to connect with only actual listeners and not bots. They do this by using intelligent API monitoring to ensure that every release reaches good listeners and complies strictly with the rules and guidelines of effective streaming services worldwide. This way, artists can be sure of actual engagement and conversion because their music interacts with real people interested in their sounds. Over one thousand global artists and record labels trust “Drop.”

“Drop Pro” is an all-in-one Spotify playlist promotion package that offers automatic servicing to 750+ API verified independent Spotify playlist curators with guaranteed review and results. It is designed to boost Spotify engagement and boost algorithmic data organically. “Drop Lite” offers affordable access to an extensive and working network of Spotify playlist curators with verified contact information and real-time API monitoring. With either of these packages, you can be sure to get the best value and return for your investment.

Trusted by 1000+ global artist & record label

They work with a wide variety of music genres, including acoustic, folk, indie, alternative, classical, jazz, country, blues, EDM, hip-hop, R&B, metal, hard rock, pop, alternative pop, funk, and soul. “Drop” was designed by music artists for music artists – therefore, it works just perfectly because creators who understand the needs and challenges of the average musician intended it. With “Drop,” you can be sure that your music will get to actual people who are actually interested in you. They designed this platform to present you with convincing data and meet your basic music promotion needs as an indie musician or record label.

Take a test drive with promo code: LALO1.

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