El Paso, Texas Becomes a TMO-Certified Music Friendly Community

El Paso International Music Foundation (EPIMF); El Paso Becomes a TMO-Certified Music Friendly Community (MFC)

Joining over 20 other Texas cities officially honored as a Music Friendly Community, El Paso becomes a TMO-Certified Music Friendly Community (MFC). This is such a fantastic accomplishment for the El Paso music scene and the El Paso art and tourism community. On Friday, June 18, the Texas Music Office (TMO), the City of El Paso, and the El Paso International Music Foundation will come together to celebrate El Paso as it becomes a TMO-certified Music Friendly Community (MFC). 

Here is it for those who might wonder what the “Music Friendly Community” program is all about. The El Paso International Music Foundation (EPIMF) is a newly birthed music organization to empower musicians from El Paso and other neighboring cities like Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Las Cruces, and New Mexico. The Music Friendly Community program’s primary aim is to nurture and encourage music business-related economic development in Texas cities and communities. In addition, EPIMF provides educational, health, and outreach/awareness support to musicians.

EPIMF Educational Programs

Considering how important it is to learn and understand the business models of the music industry, EPIMF steps in and offers just the right kind of help. They offer music business education workshops and seminars for El Paso musicians and music-affiliated professionals. These educational programs are designed to help music professionals turn their passion for music into a viable commercial venture. 

EPIMF Health Programs 

Because EPIMF understands that the key to a thriving economy goes way beyond the concentration on commercial success and sound health. It offers quality health programs to musicians. The programs include preventative health seminars, as well as information on existing local healthcare resources. The foundation is also working toward securing “low- to no-cost” healthcare services for musicians and music professionals in El Paso.

EPIMF Outreach/Awareness Programs 

EPIMF is doing everything possible to help create partnerships with businesses, organizations, and government entities locally and beyond just to help raise awareness of the fast-growing and bustling music scene in the city of El Paso.

For El Paso, becoming a TMO-Certified Music Friendly Community is well deserved, considering the nature of the El Paso music scene. El Paso is well known nationally and in Texas as the musical arena for eminent artists like Khalid, Jim Ward, and many others. Also, there is an amicable system and growth support for blooming musical talent. 

El Paso can boast of many live music venues, nationally recognized music recording studios, and several very successful and popular music festivals that have helped put El Paso on the national map. But, overall, El Paso is way beyond music but also tourism. As much as it is a destination for blooming musicians and artists, it is also a destination for people seeking to taste some fantastic music and art generally, thus making this new feat a well-deserved one. 

However, for El Paso, the journey to becoming a Music Friendly Community started not yesterday. The journey was launched more than a year ago. Through people’s efforts and hard work, and foundations like Eric Boseman and the El Paso International Music Foundation (EPIMF), this dream became a reality for El Paso. It started when Eric Boseman brought the city’s music scene together to attend an informational workshop. Attending this workshop is one of the first steps all city music takes to become a TMO-certified Music Friendly Community. There are more than 20 other Texas cities that have received the official Music Friendly Community designation. These cities include Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Denton, Lindale, and others. 

Brief Bios of EPIMF Executives 

Eric Boseman – Boseman is a professional musician. He studied music at Berklee College of Music, North Texas State University, and the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California. While in Los Angeles, Boseman became very active in the R&B, Gospel, and Jazz scenes. In addition, he worked as both a player and producer. While spending his time in Canada, Boseman delved into TV and film production. Although playing and producing are his first loves, he has always had an affinity for education and can occasionally be caught teaching workshops on percussion and production.

Eric Boseman is currently working as the General Manager and Senior Producer at Star City Studios and being one of the owners of the innovative hand drum company Monk Drums. Star City Studios is a state-of-the-art music recording facility, art gallery, and venue in El Paso.

Other executives include Grisel Rodriguez (co-founder), who is a professional singer and songwriter, Monika Acevedo (professional musician), Christian Yanez (drummer, show promoter, and record executive), Cynthia Lopez (entertainment and immigration lawyer), Amber Yamamo (professional musician), and Gabriel Gonzales (multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and producer). 

Upcoming Workshops

The Pivot  (7/10/21)
With 2020 bringing the music industry to a screeching halt, we were left with the reality that a vast majority of us had very little to fall back on. The Pivot is a workshop that looks to the positive opportunities afforded to us in these turbulent times and helps to provide concrete ways to grow not only as musicians and businesses but also as the people intertwined with our art. Join us for this workshop that will help give a basic idea of building your business plan, establishing an actual actionable work/practice schedule, and growing in a personal way that will lift your state of being to the next level.

 Get in Sync  (9/25/21)
or Getting in Sync ( A beginner’s guide to learning about synchronization licensing). Licensing music can be an excellent source of revenue for independent artists and musicians. Get your note pads ready to learn how to prepare, package, and present your music to decision-makers in TV, Film, Games, and Brand Advertising from our particular guest Music Supervisor and industry experts!

Her Voice   (11/13/21)  
A seminar held exclusively for women by women in the music industry to help take our careers to the next level. Through discussing issues and opportunities unique to the female perspective in the entertainment industry, this workshop looks to create a foundation to create a stronger community where we can effectively hear Her Voice.

Learn more about EPIMF

About the Texas Music Friendly Community program: https://gov.texas.gov/music/page/music-friendly-communities

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