Pro Tools 2021.6 is here!

Pro Tools 2021.6 (JUNE 2021) is here! This new Pro Tools version has many amazing features that will make your life easier and improve the quality of your work. In this blog post, we’ll go over all the new features in Pro Tools 2021.6 and how they can help you be more efficient and enjoy Pro Tools more than ever before!

Turbocharge HDX Systems with the Hybrid Engine. Work with M1-based Macs running macOS Big Sur. Create with more voices, tracks, and I/O. Customize Dark and Classic UI themes. And, if you’re an annual subscriber, fuel your creativity with over $1,500 in plugins, sounds, and training content, FREE with the new Pro Tools Inner Circle program. The latest version of Pro Tools brings you all this and more.

Bring more power to HDX with the Hybrid Engine

The Hybrid Engine transforms HDX Systems into the most powerful Pro Tools systems we’ve ever made. This patented technology maximizes the performance of Pro Tools by using native and DSP processing more harmoniously. With a massive 2,048 voices in Pro Tools | Ultimate and immediate access to HDX’s onboard DSP, you can run bigger sessions more smoothly—even with one-card systems. And with the ability to toggle between Native and DSP modes on a track-by-track basis, you can nullify the distracting effects of latency simply by clicking a button.

Pro Tools adds support for M1 Macs

With the June 2021 release, you can now run Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools | Ultimate and Pro Tools | Carbon systems on the latest Macs that use Apple’s new M1 silicon processors. *Before installing Pro Tools on an M1 Mac, please visit our compatibility page and dedicated Pro Tools macOS Big Sur support page to ensure that your system and workflow are fully supported.

Record and mix bigger sessions with more I/O, tracks, and voices

Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate now support a maximum of 64 channels of I/O—up from 32. In addition, Pro Tools now supports a maximum of 256 mono or stereo audio tracks at all sample rates—up from 128 at 48 kHz. And Pro Tools | Ultimate now supports a maximum of 2,048 voices and audio tracks at all sample rates—5x more than previous versions. This means you can track bigger sessions and work with more outboard gear using any Core Audio or ASIO interface. And with more voices, you can handle the largest sessions without constraint.

Pro Tools 2021.6 raises the voice, track, and I/O counts for Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate. The increased voice and track counts enable you to create even bigger sessions, and more I/O means that you can record more sources and connect more outboard gear when using a Core Audio or ASIO interface. But what are voices, why do they matter, and why are there limits at all?

Customize the Dark and Classic UI themes

Get an unprecedented level of control over the look and feel of Pro Tools. You can now change the brightness and saturation of almost every aspect of the user interface. Save your favorite settings as presets and switch between them at any time. Plus, you can now toggle between the Dark and Classic UI themes dynamically without restarting Pro Tools.

It’s been a long time since the last update to Pro Tools. But now there is so much new stuff in these updates that it feels like this might be the best release ever! There are some really cool features to check out, and I’m sure you’ve already found your favorite one. So, let me know what your favorite feature is down below – mine has got to be bouncing as many tracks at once as possible without any noticeable latency (even if they’re not playing). So tell me… what’s YOUR favorite DAW?

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