Emily Davis and The Murder Police – Why Weren’t they Stunned

Song Title: Why Weren’t they Stunned?
Artist/Band: Emily Davis and The Murder Police
Genre: Rock, Folk, Punk, Alternative
Location: El Paso, Texas
Estimated Listening Time: 3 mins 6 secs

Behind the Music

With groovy and scintillating drum beats, thumping bass notes/rhythm, high-spirited guitar rhythm, and soothing but somewhat provoking high pitch vocals, “Emily Davis and The Murder Police” still manages to drop a somber social and political message in their new alternative rock/punk single which they title “Why Weren’t they Stunned?” It questions the previous indifference, the lack of concern, the lukewarmness, and the sleep-like nature of modern society. Just like the title clearly tells, it is an amusing and, at the same time, a solemn question on the attitude of every aspect of modern society. Provoked by the most recent global pandemic and the overall response of the modern world, it only makes sense that they are asking this question.

Why weren't they stunned
When the river turned to blood?
Everything sanguine
No need for suspicion
Why weren't they moved
Under the obsidian moon?
The stolen light — a warning sign
That we're on borrowed time

Music Production

The song adopts a fundamental but unique approach to instrumentation. Only the drums, bass, acoustic, and electric guitar come together to create a high-spirited and groovy alternative rock/punk song. Despite the simplicity in the form in terms of instrumentation, Emily’s vocals do splendid work bringing out the anger, pain, curiosity, soul, and some joy buried deep in every fragment of the entire song. It is more like a cry for help and a demand for answers. The drums greatly cement the overall groove and add great cohesiveness and rhythmic energy to the overall groove. There is a clean and tight interlocking of the drum rhythm and the electric guitar groove. Also, the bass, although basic and straightforward, does excellent work in grounding the overall song and tightly interlocking with the rest of the band, creating a flawless and clean bed for Emily’s vocals to lie on.

The song follows a relatively straightforward form and structure of “verse-chorus-verse” until a certain climax point where the instrumental break/interlude kicks in and the electric guitar solo blazes through. This mix of a “feel good” groove with some dire social and political messages. Listening to Emily emotionally sing the entire lyric, one can tell that this is way beyond the pandemic or how national issues are handled but generally about the frustrations of the world and how the world at the significant response to crises and societal upsets.

Ending Notes

“Emily Davis and The Murder Police” are an alternative folk/punk band from El Paso, Texas. The band was formed in 2016 with Jose Macias on bass, Jorge Torres on guitar, and Tomas Tinajero on drums. Their debut album, Same Old World, was released in October 2018. The group has toured frequently since the release of that album. They had a recent national tour in support of “Bad Religion” in the fall of 2019. They have also opened up for Sparta, The Kyle Gas Band, Neko Case, The Toasters, Leftover Crack, Authority Zero, and Cold War Kids. “Emily Davis and The Murder Police’s” sophomore album “Never A Moment Alone” will be out on June 25, 2021.



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