Health on the spot

The Hospitals of Providence

The Challenge:

Create a series of animated videos to explain how a 45-year-old uninsured Hispanic male who is struggling to provide two meals a day for his family of four. Surprisingly, even though he knows how and where to access healthcare resources, he chooses not to, as he believes he cannot make time. Health on the Spot would take services directly to him and deliver convenient healthcare so he can have a long healthy future with his family.

Tenet Emergency Room Visits Uninsured/Charity Care:

· 457K Visits per year
· 7.4% Admitted
· 3.4% of Total ER population
· $140 Million in costs per year

5 Pilots Completed in El Paso:

According to the AMA, 40 to 55% of ER visits could be avoided if patients could speak to a physician over the phone/Apple iPad before deciding how to get care.

· 164 Lives touched during event
· 35 Unique patients contacted with potential
· Median ER visits / unique patient = 5
· Average costs per visit: $300
· 66% - Have not come back to ER since being
· 14% - Enrolled in insurance or visited a clinic provided a community resource list savings of $30,705

The Potential Savings:

$7M in cost aversion

· Eliminating unnecessary uninsured ER visits at 5% = 23,000 visits reduced