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Music creation is always a fantastic thing. However, it doesn’t always end with creating amazing music. There is always a part that requires “putting the music out” for people to hear and connect with it. This happens to be one of the most [if not the most] essential aspects of creating music – because it defines the actual essence of music creation. Sadly, this is the part where most musicians (incredibly independent musicians) always get stuck and frustrated.

Musicians without the support of significant labels often get lost or confused in the very rough ocean of music promotion. But this is not how it should be, and this is where Play MPE comes in. With over 2,400 monthly releases delivered to global tastemakers, 871 million deliveries, and a broad reach that spreads over 100 countries, you can trust Play MPE to handle all of your music promotional needs – just effectively.

From actual creation, promotion, and marketing of new music releases to the delivery and giving access to those releases; Play MPE creates a possibility for the music industry to connect and collaborate from just a single platform. It is more than just a promotional tool; it is one tool that will help connect you as a musician to the right people, thereby taking your career to the next level. With more than 2,400 monthly releases delivered to thousands of global tastemakers, it is not an exaggeration to say that Play MPE creates an easily accessible channel where musicians get to connect with the most influential music industry professionals in the business.

Also, Play MPE, although an outstanding tool for independent and unsigned musicians, does not only limit its service to indie musicians. Also, it has a team of industry professionals who are very passionate about solving problems for the music industry. They are also actively working with the world’s largest record companies, including Universal Music Group, Warner Records, and Sony Music. Needless doubting the effectiveness in terms of reach as they boast of a solid presence in over 100 countries by over 150,000 music influencers.

Pitching your music to Radio Station With Play MPE

Regardless of how much has changed about how people discover music, discovering music on the radio remains golden. It is a fact that radio remains one of the most potent tools for music promotion, even though the music industry is experiencing a massive migration to the internet. One thing that radio does is that it provides that much-needed human connection between your music and the listener.

However, as old-fashioned as radio may seem, it remains quite challenging for musicians to get their songs on the radio. This is partly because radio is about human connection. You can’t just spam emails with your songs and links and expect to get them featured on the local “top 10” or midnight radio playlist. You can’t even send a DM on social media because they won’t respond. Somehow, before you can get your music on the radio, you have to know a DJ, a program director, or someone who knows either or both. That doesn’t sound quite encouraging.

However, this is where Play MPE comes in. The truth is that most radio promoters use Play MPE to pitch music to radio stations. You stand a bigger chance of getting your music to the right ears if you pitch with Play MPE. For musicians who can’t afford an actual radio promoter, you can send a blast for as little as $250 using Play MPE. Most program managers and radio DJs prefer to get their pitches this way, so you can never go wrong with Play MPE. You will take it more seriously than sending a DM or spam emails.

Play MPE is one tool you need to use if you are serious about music promotion, either as an artist or as a label. In addition to the vast promotional tools and connection opportunities given by Play MPE, you can monitor how your releases perform with top-notch tracking tools and customize your promotional campaign to fit your needs. You can choose to add your distribution lists or tap into their vast network of recipients who you’d like to send and receive your promo campaign. You get to track the success of each campaign with a full suite of reporting tools to target your follow-up campaigns based on who’s listening to your content. Also, you can tailor the look and feel of your campaign with an easy-to-use email builder.

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