Monogram – Creative Console

The Human Touch to Composition

Creative Console is a modular, freeform control surface designed to streamline editing and interact with creative software more engaging. It is perfectly suited for photo editing and retouching, video editing, color grading, virtual production, audio/music production, and other creative workflows.

Real-time expressive control of your virtual instruments and 6 MIDI CCs. Streamline your music composition and production workflows with Creative Console. Add dynamic expression and a tactile experience to your digital music composition with Creative Console. Personalize the entire mixing experience with the uniquely modular toolset that can be used with Digital Audio Workstations.

I bought two modules for my string compositions when using the Spitfires plugin. It simplifies my expression control when you need a little more control.

Monogram Core
The Core powers and connects Creative Console to your PC or Mac. Fast and smooth performance with two mechanical keys for switching and previewing the console’s functionality.

Three smooth linear potentiometers for horizontal or vertical adjustments. Dynamically assign up to 45 programmable functions in one module.

Use it for: Brush tool, dodge and burn, zoom, real-time expressive control of virtual instruments

Expression, Modulation or Vibrato
Easily map different MIDI CC’s or key commands to control things like mod wheel data, expression, and vibrato. Use Channel Pressure to add expressive aftertouch to any MIDI instrument.

Sound Design and Patch Control
Use Creative Console with Logic’s Smart Controls and Cubase’s VST Quick Controls. Endless encoder dials allow pickup-free adjustment of any parameter when switching patches and instruments. Use Orbiter to create an expressive X/Y pad from any two parameters.

Transport Control
Quickly scrub your composition by beats and bars. Creative Console has support for all transport controls including play/pause, record, FF/RW. PLus punch in/out (record while playing back).

Audio Mixing
Control all your mixer tracks with modular tactile tools including volume, panning, toggling mute, solo, record.

Supported Daw
Monogram Creative Console is a universal MIDI device and can be used with any DAW or plugin that supports MIDI input, including:

  • Logic Pro X
  • Cubase
  • Ableton Live
  • FL Studio
  • Adobe Audition CC 2015.3 and later
  • LUNA (Not Supported)
  • Pro Tools (Not Supported)
3.0 rating
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