Heather Brown Electronicals – The Blessed Mother Overdrive Guitar Pedal

The Heather Brown Electronicals – The Blessed Mother overdrive guitar pedal is an incredibly versatile and powerful pedal designed to enhance any guitar. With its three-band EQ, mid-scoop switch, and adjustable gain and volume controls, this pedal provides a huge variety of tones to suit all playing styles.

To begin with, the build quality of the Blessed Mother is excellent: the chassis is sturdy and well-constructed, and the components are laid out neatly in an easily accessible manner. The footswitch also feels lovely underfoot and responds quickly when engaged or disengaged.

She plays well with others, is a true bypass, and has a powerful treble and bass control range. Makes a splendid first-stage OD or clean boost. Takes 9v or 18v DC. And yes, the halo stays lit while the heart lights up when the pedal is engaged – because God’s mom deserves it.

When it comes to sound quality, the Blessed Mother doesn’t disappoint. It provides a natural overdrive that sounds great with single coils and humbuckers alike, allowing users to experiment with a wide range of tones. The pedal also features a mid-cut switch which helps you tailor your sound for different genres; for example, turning down the mids can give you a classic rock tone, or boosting them can provide some extra warmth for jazz playing.

Finally, the price point of the Blessed Mother is very reasonable, given its features and build quality. At around $150 USD, it’s an excellent value-for-money overdrive pedal that will serve most players’ needs very well.

Overall, we highly recommend Heather Brown Electronicals’ The Blessed Mother Overdrive Guitar Pedal for all levels of guitarists looking for an affordable yet high-quality piece of gear that offers plenty of versatility in terms of tone-shaping options.

Since I got my pedal, it’s been on my permanent OD setup. It is such a cool-looking pedal and sounds excellent.

5.0 rating
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