Sugar Plug-in by Process Audio

The Ultimate Full Spectrum Audio Sweetener.

Designed by a team of award-winning engineers to offer their most useful and most essential harmonic enhancement techniques in one centralized plug-in.

Designed by a team of award winning engineers to offer their most useful and most essential harmonic enhancement techniques in one centralized plug-in.

The resulting color palette is a fast lane to pro-sounding records.

This full-spectrum enhancer will add punch, thickness, depth, warmth, edge, and grit to all your tracks.

Sugar was designed from the ground up to bridge the gap between classic analog sound and digital reality. I find myself using it on every mix.

— Fab Dupont
Award-winning engineer


4 Faders, 8 Colors
Professionals always add more punch, thickness, warmth, width, edge, or air to their tracks. Sugar helps you achieve what you are looking for faster than ever.
Select a color. Push a fader.

3 Types of Saturation
Give your sound that polished analog feel, add more grit, or tame unruly transients with one of our three carefully selected saturation algorithms.

A Unique Jog Wheen Control
The 4 Sugar bands are processing your sound in parallel and work in mono, stereo, or M/S mode. Once you have found the proper balance that suits your sound, use the jog wheel to add more or less Sugar intuitively.

Linear Phase Filters
High-pass and low-pass filters are used to reign-in bursts of energy. Sugar’s filters and the 4 band crossovers are linear to allow for mastering-grade processing and avoid phase issues.

When I started recording my own music from home, I quickly started researching quality products like Universal Audio, Neve, API, not to mention a handful of some exceptional recording engineers. Fab Dupont is one of them. As I started following them and looking into the vast world of plugins, I came across Fab’s Sugar plugin. By no means am I a great recording engineer. So choosing the right EQ plugin to give my tracks some life was a daunting task. There are so many of them. You really have to hone in on your ability to hear what was good on your mix. For me, this takes time to train your ears so that you have a well-balanced track. With this plugin, I was blown away by how easy it was to use. To get started, I would suggest using the presets and then dialing it in for a taste.

4.0 rating
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