Take Your Productivity to the Next Level with Tidbyt

Are you looking for a way to make your home or office smarter? Look no further than Tidbyt! Tidbyt is an intelligent device with a sleek and intuitive design that uses AI-powered automation to streamline many of your tasks. It comprises features like time tracking, project management tools, and reminders. It offers access to over 150 apps, including music players like Spotify and Sonos. Plus, it has adjustable brightness settings and can turn on or off with the sun.

The open ecosystem of Tidbyt means you can write your apps and reuse the display for side projects. And if you’re into sports, it even keeps track of live scores for baseball and football teams. And when it’s time to head out the door, transit info helps keep track of train times so you don’t miss your ride.

With their intuitive interface, you can create tasks and assign due dates for each, ensuring no charge slips through the cracks. Tidbyt also comes with features like time tracking, project management tools, and reminders, all designed to help you work smarter rather than harder. As a product designer working at WMG, I have essential apps for time tracking and how long I’m at the desk so I can stand up and not be tied to the desk all day. I also use it to display my running stats with the Strava app. A hardcore flex when friends come over, hahaha. 

Thanks to its artificial intelligence capabilities, Tidbyt can predict upcoming trends and develop customized strategies to tackle your individual tasks best. This feature helps you plan and provides insights into the most effective strategy for completing your goals. You can even share schedule information with other team members to sync everyone’s workflow.

Tidbyt Features:

  • Quality Materials – Fall in love with a solid walnut enclosure whenever you glance across the room or on your desk.
  • Fit Your Schedule – Use your phone to adjust Tidbyt’s brightness, put it in night mode, or have it rise and set with the sun
  • East Setup – Plug it in and pick from over 150 apps. Choose what you want, and Tidbyt cycles through it all.
  • Open Ecosystem – Write your apps, flash your firmware, and even reuse the display for your next side project.
  • Now Playing – Never miss a song by showing what’s playing from Spotify or Sonos.
  • Football – Dinner with family during the game? No worries, see all your live scores and stats at a glance.
  • Transit Information – Keep track of when the next train is running or not running before you head out the door.
  • Baseball – Stay up-to-date with standings and live game scores for your favorite baseball team.

With Tidbyt, staying organized and productive is easier than ever. This AI-powered application provides everything you need to streamline workflows without hassle, from project management tools to time tracking and reminders. Plus, it’s designed with a sleek, intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. Whether you’re managing a team or your tasks, Tidbyt has you covered!

Don’t miss out – this device is in high demand and selling out fast, so secure your order today! To ensure you receive your device from the next batch, it’s best to reserve yours now before they’re gone.

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