Bird and Byron – In The Clear

Song Title: In the Clear
Artist/Band: Birdy and Byron
Genre: Indie Rock
Location: Columbus, OH
Estimated Listening Time: 3 mins 15 secs

Behind the Music

“Well darling, please don’t you hide your fears, things are about to get better, year after year…” soul, rock, funk, and some jazz come together in this soothing fusion by Bird and Byron to create a musical and artistic imprint that might never get erased in times to come. With the heavily distorted rhythm of electric guitars and the rudimentary 4/4 time slow-paced drum groove, it is quite hard not to spot the “rock” in this song – however confusing and disguising it might seem. Also, with the heavy and somewhat laid-back electric bass groove, the smooth, soothing, and airy vocal melodies, and the “soulful” lyrics, it again becomes quite hard to take out the “soul,” “funk,” and the “jazz” from Bird and Byron’s “In the Clear.” If I had to compare it with another group, I’d say – Alamaba Shakes.

Although the apparent lyrical message might seem like a soothing reassurance and recommitment to a troubled lover, there, however, seems to be a lot more lying deep among the inner fragments that make up this artistic piece – only to be deciphered and felt by who needs it most. This is more than just a soothing song to a troubled lover; this is more like a lullaby to the world, a reassurance that things will be okay, a musical hug during a remarkable and troubling period in the world’s history – perhaps a reminder that good times will come again – after the pandemic?

Music Production

Leaning towards a more vintage vibe and overall “old-school” sound, musically, the song takes you back to the earliest days of soul, rock-and-roll, and even some doo-woop. “In the Clear” is a mix of everything. The distorted guitar solo further laminates and makes more visible the rock elements while also helping establish a somewhat complementary and contrasting musical mood. The simplicity in rhythm and chordal accompaniments and the walking-paced tempo of the overall track helps drive the key message while eliminating any form of instrumental distractions.

Ending Notes

“In the Clear” is a perfect musical example of “less is more” as it fuses tiny bits of many things to create a big but cohesive musical impression. The song’s overall feel is mellow and deeply soothing – mellow enough to pass for “easy-listening.” The lyric, although poetic, is simple and straightforward enough for even casual and less critical appreciation. You don’t have to listen so hard to get the underlying lyrical message, as even the first few lines of the lyrics are solid and direct enough to pass the message to even the most casual listener. This is a song for everyone; if you can’t resonate with the lyric, you will resonate with the music or, in most cases, resonate with both. Bass guitar was by Jack Lawrence, while drums were by Joel Lorenz. The song was produced by Andrija Tokic and mastered by Brian Lucey. Rylee Noe designed the artwork.


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