Man the Mute, Blotter Review

Song Title: Blotter
Artist/Band: Man The Mute
Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Approximate Listening Time: 4 mins 29 secs
@Man the Mute | Spotify

With provoking and exciting instrumental, poetic, and piercing lyrics, “Man the Mute” again pushes the creative boundaries in metal by musically and lyrically painting vivid pictures of turmoil, confusion, self, and purpose. Talking about the meaning and motive behind the song “Blotter,” Cesar Soto said “Blotter” is about “finally finding yourself & your purpose in life. It’s about having two paths in life and not knowing which one the universe has put in place for you.” The musical motifs, the overall sonic imprints, and the lyric don’t betray the overall message of the music. 

“Blotter” features an evenly thumping bass guitar groove which can be likened to the heartbeat pace of a running man; that, however, is more than just a creative coincidence but more like a deliberate thematic interpretation of the music. The heavily distorted electric guitars slamming out power chord rhythms achieve more than just maintaining metal signatures or sensibilities but also do great work in adding the needed colors to the overall groove of the song. It can be argued that “Blotter,” melodically and harmonically, leans towards more simple harmonies, chordal movements, and straightforward lyrical melodies. Rhythmically, it is complex and full of character and color. 


"I've got the feeling once again
I can't explain it
Too many times, too many times
 Searching for answers
 Jump dimensions back and forth
Too many times, too many times
The blotter, the blotter
The blotter in my soul
It's tripping time, it's tripping time…."


Specifically striking is how “Man the Mute” manages to achieve such a big, fierce, and piercing sound with almost only basic instruments. The bass, drums, guitars, and synth all come together to create sonic magic with the aid of heavy distortions, processing, and modern mixing techniques. While playing a somewhat more reserved rhythmic role, the drums maintain the fierceness of the song while enveloping and exerting a high level of rhythmic control on the overall sound, thus creating a big, diverse, but very cohesive groove. “Blotter,” although musically dark and fierce, still manages to bring in coats of excitement and thus to make it liable to be as mood-elevating as it is thought-provoking.

“Blotter” is about life and the constant search for meaning. The lyric, although relatively short, when merged with the music, somehow tells a story of confusion, failures and wins, and higher consciousness. The music itself is as story-telling as the lyric, thus making both dependent and surprisingly independent.

The guitars are a mix of wild, melodic, and electrifying. Being a metal song, it is only standard that the guitars become more evident than the rest of the instruments. However, the magic lies in the ability for the guitar to play a somewhat lead melodic role while also allowing the vocals enough space to shine on their own, thereby creating a very complex and delicate mix of two separate lead musical components who while complementing each other still manages to independently shine on its own. In terms of the vocal delivery, apart from the vocals being the primary tool of lyric interpretation, the vocal texture and natural strain (which befits metal) does not only add distinct sonic colors to the music but also aid to a great extent in interpreting the central theme of the music.

Overall, “Blotter,” tells a story that evokes mixed emotions and reactions depending on who listens. Regardless of the lyric and the underlying theme, the fierce guitar solos, the thumping bass, the controlled and rudimentary drums, the harmony, and highly emotional vocals all come together to create a unique story and thus interpreted it differently by each listener. It could be a “feel good” song, while to some, it could spur anger and provoke or even awaken thoughts and deeply buried passions.

It is about searching for meaning, questioning the inner soul, the spirit, and the very core of our beings. As unique as each individual is, so can the meaning of “Blotter” be. It is more than just another tune for “metal heads” or rock fans; it is a universal song that tells a universal story while remaining interestingly unique to each listener. “Blotter” is available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and other music streaming platforms.

Open up your mind and see
The universe alive
Upon up your mouth and taste
The blotter on your tongue.
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