Viberate; The New Blockchain Analytic Tracking for Musicians

Why Do I Need This?

Monitoring your progress as a musician is such an essential aspect of your music career that you can never afford to take lightly. The statistics help you make informed career decisions, however big or small your career is currently. Although some might argue that “they don’t do it for the numbers,” the truth remains that “the numbers” will tell you a lot about how you are doing – a lot more than any other tool or person might tell you.

Performance analytics are so important; thus, most music streaming services will always include them during the development of their apps and platforms. However, they can’t always give enough – their analytics and stats often will only inform you as far as their platforms. But to really make an impact with this data, you need to know more than the number of current Spotify streams, followers, or country with the most play counts. It would help if you had an encompassing stat and analytic that tells you about your entire career across every modern digital tool like social media, YouTube, Spotify, and every other.

New Blockchain Technology

This is where the new blockchain technologyViberate” comes in. In a nutshell, Viberate tells you about how your entire career is performing across the world using a wonderful and inspiring interface. Viberate goes beyond numbers and graphs; it is more like a digital or virtual artist progress-tracking agency. It doesn’t just work like a computer program; it combines clever human touch and top-notch digital performance. With Viberate, your career, progress story, stats, analytics, and even your career future are right on your computer screen.

Apart from being an analytic tool, it is also a very competent discovery tool. You can use Viberate to discover new artists, venues, festivals, events, countries, and even unique music genres and styles. Viberate offers the most accurate artist, Spotify, Beatport, country, genre, audience, and even label for artists looking to track their progress. Each of these analytics is full of detailed data, graphs, and stats that do not only touch the surface of performance but go deep in and tell just how each is performing. It is way beyond accurate charting and a collection of numbers and graphs; it is super intuitive, in-depth, and easy to understand.

Viberate also offers tutorials, instructional videos, how-tos, and lessons tailored precisely to aid artists in growing and understanding and to navigate the platform better. On Viberate, artists and their management teams can track their social and streaming progress across the entire digital ecosystem, target the right audiences and find the right markets and demographics to promote their music.

Record Labels in Mind

Also, for record labels, talent scouting and discovery becomes a lot easier as they can screen artists’ overall performance in one place, and follow general trends in the ever-dynamic music industry. Just like it was hinted earlier, Viberate is also a very useful tool for event organizers. Event organizers can find emerging artists for their events, assess their local relevance, and track festivals’ analytics in one place. Lastly, Viberate provides free access to premium accounts for journalists who intend to use the platform or write articles on the platform.

Revolutionary Platform

Viberate is a platform that goes beyond numbers and graphs. It has the potential to become an important tool for artists, managers, booking agents, promoters, producers, record labels, and everyone else involved in music. In addition to telling you how your entire career is performing across the world using an excellent interface with inspiring graphics and features (think of it as a digital or virtual artist progress-tracking agency), think of the many ways you can use this revolutionary platform. We can’t wait! What will you use this revolutionary platform for?

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