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The music industry is a tough business. There are so many steps to take before you can get your song out there and have people start listening. It’s also hard to find the best social media sites that will work for promoting your songs, but Linkfire has got your back with their smart links for music marketing! Use one link for all your music, grow your fanbase, and measure what works. The best part is it’s free to get started. No credit card required.


Generate eye-catching smart links, landing pages, and widgets to route fans to your content. Save time with robust automation tools and customize everything from artwork to domains. Are you promoting more than new releases? Linkfire is the marketing platform for all your content needs, from bio-links to fan engagement campaigns.

Promoting more than new releases? Linkfire is the marketing platform for all your content needs, from links in bio to fan engagement campaigns.

  • Pre-release Link: Drive momentum up to the day of release
  • Bio-Link: Bring all of your content together in one beautiful and highly scrollable microsite.
  • Tour Link: Promote a tour or any ticketed event.
  • Reward Link: Increase fan engagement with contests, coupon codes, and secret pages.
  • Playlist Link: Promote playlists across platforms.
  • Content Link: Track performance and insights for any URL you’re promoting.

Let LinkFire do the hard work

Build smarter with our automation tools. No need to micromanage your links every moment of the day.

  • Pre-save new music to fans’ libraries
  • Personalize the experience based on location, device, and more
  • Schedule rescans to update content
  • Search tour dates on Bandsintown

Collaborate without boundaries

A shared home for all your smart links. Easy to navigate, fully searchable, and open for collaboration.

  • Stay organized and consistent with boards
  • Collaborate across teams, countries, and offices


Reach fans across platforms. Optimize your campaigns to target the right fans. Increase engagement with personalized landing pages. Identify intent and see your media buys take off.

Enhance your campaign efficiency

Unleash your content everywhere, from artist websites to social and email campaigns.

  • Drive-up click-through rates with branded assets and domains
  • Choose between landing pages, widgets, and smart links
  • Use channel and action-specific links to track and benchmark performance

Invest smarter

Get the most out of your paid campaigns. Make use of all the touchpoints to reach the right fans.

  • Break down artist data silos between merch, tours, and recorded music
  • Create audiences in no time
  • Understand your fans’ intent and retarget them accordingly

Delight your fans

Give your global fan base unique, location-based experiences. Direct all your fans to their most relevant service with just one link.

  • Hide or rearrange services depending on local popularity
  • Promote country-specific tours, competitions, and more


Understand your audience’s preferences. Track every step of the way—full-funnel tracking and attribution. Drill down on channels, geo, devices, and much more.

Empower your marketing with data

Dive into all your link data in one easy-to-use dashboard. Measure your links’ performance, and share the insights with anyone you want.

  • Choose quick overviews or detailed reports
  • Collaborate with colleagues and share exports

Know your fans’ preferences

Build and refine your marketing around comprehensive audience stats. Identify your fans’ preferences and consumption habits.

  • Break out data by partners, location, and devices
  • Measure visits, engagement, conversions, and much more

Identify what works

Benchmark marketing channels and find out what’s working and what’s not. Track engagements and conversions across all your traffic sources.

  • Compare data from both owned and paid channels
  • Discover your top referrers
  • Deepen your reporting with ‘activity’ tags

Company Story

Music and art have the unique power to transcend cultures, languages, and borders. Promoting it, on the other hand, has become increasingly complex.

Artists and creators worldwide compete for fans’ attention, while consumption is fragmented across hundreds of services and platforms. So how do you connect to all of them at once, as simply as possible?

That’s where Linkfire comes in. Their technology provides significant labels and over 50,000 creators with the intuitive design tools, effortless automation, and unparalleled insights they need to grow their careers while seamlessly connecting billions of fans to their favorite content.

Since 2014, they’ve become a trusted partner to the music industry’s biggest names, as well as thousands of soon-to-be biggest names. Linkfire is headquartered in Copenhagen, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Lisbon.

Industry Leaders and artists trust them

Let Linkfire help you manage your music marketing. Sign up for a free trial today and see how we can make life easier with our smart links that promote new releases, tickets, merchandise, and more! We’re all about making things easy; so sign up now before the offer expires! What are some of the ways in which Linkfire has made managing my digital music marketing easier?

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