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Get on the right playlists & reach your future fans

PlaylistMap is reinventing how artists get discovered. Reach the most relevant Spotify playlist curators, craft the perfect pitch, and share your music with the world.

Connect with 10,000+ Spotify playlist curators from around the world to target your ideal audience and get discovered.

  1. Find the right playlists
    Identify relevant Spotify playlists that match your genre and sound.
  2. Unlock contact information
    Use your credits to access playlist curators’ names, email addresses, and social media profiles.
  3. Pitch your music
    Use our customizable templates to boost your open rate, create valuable connections, and get accepted to your ideal playlists.

Connect with the most influential Spotify playlist curators
With our proprietary Spotify playlist mapping, PlaylistMap gives you exclusive access to the largest catalog of Spotify playlist curators, including hard-to-reach contacts you won’t find anywhere else.

Identify playlists that feature artists like you
PlaylistMap is the only platform that allows you to search for playlists by a specific artist. Identify the playlists with popular artists that are similar to you to increase relevance and reach the right listeners.

Pitch smarter and stand out
Our 50+ customizable email templates help you craft a personal, unique message and boost your response rate. Increase your chances of getting on your ideal playlists and receive feedback from popular Spotify playlist curators.

Budget-friendly, zero commitment
No middle man, no campaign budgets, and no surprises. Get full transparency and direct control of your correspondence with the people behind the best playlists.

Unrivaled access
Their database of Spotify playlist curators exceeds 10,000,
making it the largest in the world.

Robust filters
Set search criteria, so you only find playlist curators that are highly relevant to you.

Fast results
Leverage our database of curators and crafted email templates to grow your audience and get discovered.

Playlist MapWith PlaylistMap, one of the biggest problems we face as creators releasing music has been solved. Now I can use the site’s ready-made templates to easily reach any playlist I want instead of having to deal with the endless rewriting of emails. I definitely recommend this platform.

Alusin – Music Producer

Josh Williams Guitars – Stella
Josh Williams Guitar Stella

Josh Williams Guitars – Stella

The Stella features a 2 pickup configuration, solid body with a set neck

Best Music Blogs to Submit Your Original Music

Best Music Blogs to Submit Your Original Music

Before The Data | @beforethedataThey have a Spotify Playlist and feature live

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