Blvkkhvrt (pronounced Black Heart) is an experimental hip-hop artist from El Paso, Texas. For Blvkkhvrt, experimentation is the word that best describes his artistry. He refuses to be constricted by conventions like genre, style, and form. Listening to his sounds, you can feel elements of EDM, Soul, R&B, Trance, Folk, Pop, and other musical genres coming together to create a unique blend of hip-hop typical to Blvkkhvrt alone.


For Blvkkhvrt, he got into music because it allowed him the freedom to explore creatively with no form of hindrance or restrictions. Putting sounds together to create different shades of feelings and stories remains one of his most authentic passions. One of his strongest artistic fuels and inspiration was his sheer curiosity in various musical instruments, like the piano and guitar. He eventually took some lessons on these instruments and further learned how to produce his own music. Blvkhrt uses curiosity and experimentation as his two greatest artistic tools.

Creative Process

Blvkkhvrt describes his music as very unconstricted and unconventional. He refuses to create boundaries for his musical and artistic explorations, making it somewhat hard to give a conventional or holistic label to his style of music. There are bits of everything in Blvkkhvrt’s sounds. Also, talking about his typical creative process, he further emphasizes the free-spirited nature of his artistry and artistic processes. Although adopting quite an unconventional and free-spirited approach to his music creation process, he hinted that he loves taking some inspirational and musical cues from the bass lines.

He has performed in quite a number of venues in El Paso, Texas. Talking about the musicians he would love to collaborate with, he made specific mention of Post Malone. Further, he expressed his love for the musical style and impressive vocal range of the internationally acclaimed rapper, singer, and guitarist. Apart from music, Blvkkhvrt also works in the bar industry. He hopes to earn enough to support his craft as a musician and learn about the industry. Talking about the huge impact of the pandemic on the music industry, he stated how it has somehow altered the stereotype that artists must be signed to major record labels to succeed in the industry.

Apart from versatility, having a thick skin and learning and growing through the process contribute to Blvkkhvrt’s growth as an independent musician. When asked about his next move, he made it clear that it is to “get back on the grind” he was before the pandemic. Apart from his musical explorations and achievements, owning a house is also one of Blvkkhvrt’s major goals as not just a musician but a person. Blvkkhvrt’s music is available on all streaming platforms. When asked what his message to his fans is, he had this to say: “Hang in there” – Blvkkhvrt

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