Curtis Novak Classic Pickups

Authentic Vintage Tone Hand Built in the USA

Curtis has been tinkering with pickups and restoring vintage guitars since 1983. His life-long pursuit and pleasure are to help you find that elusive tone you are searching for, rather than selling off-the-shelf pickups that everyone plays.

Working directly with musicians, hearing your frustrations, desires, and needs have helped invent new designs, reimagine vintage gems, and have evolved the way he thinks about tone.

I purchased the Vintage correct classic Tokyo Style Gold Foil for the bridge on my Fender Nocaster. The vintage style of the pick complements the guitar’s heavy relic look. With Gabriel’s Tenorio Strings and this awesome pickup – she sounds f@cking amazing!

Constantly the explorer, Curtis continues to experiment with new ways to give you the perfect tone. Keep up to date with his latest creations on Instagram at @curtis_novak_pickups 

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