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gabriel tenorio string co

The Gabriel Tenorio String Company is dedicated to evolving and further disseminating the string-making tradition established by Francisco Gonzalez; they handmake round core custom guitar strings and more – pure nickel steal.

I had the opportunity to purchase a set of strings to try out with my Fender Telecaster. Within the custom, packing was simple but effective instructions on making the best of his strings. Here are the quick notes and tips:

  • Yes, they are long enough! The exposed core tails are for you to use to apply your strings to the tuning post. Get three turns. The wrap wired does not need to reach the post for any reason.
  • For vintage-style tuners, measure three posts past the one your stringing and trim.
  • For best results on other tuners, string up and tune-up before trimming
  • Pro Tip for Pro Strings: Apply some graphite to your nut grooves to facilitate smooth travel. Use a pencil.
  • These are round core strings that can only be made by hand. The form of the strings reflects your guitar type. I encourage you to use them as long as possible before changing them.
  • Wipe down after each use and keep your hands clean before you play.
  • Locking tuners are designed for use with hex core strings; if you have them, try to get at least one full turn of the tail on the post.

Since then, I have ordered a few boxes and 100% happy with the tones and the strings’ overall shelf life. They sound great! Please don’t take my word for it; take Daniel from Salvage’s word or video.

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